Recipes for Fitness Enthusiasts

Here I have created Recipes for fitness enthusiasts, athlete, weekend warrior or for those with a keen interest in gut health. As evidence based research has discovered,  the gut’s flora also makes up part of our immune system and that is why we believe a healthy gut means a healthy body .By eating in a gut friendly manner you are also maximizing your performance by cultivating your ability to utilise fuel from the food you eat.

This website shares gut friendly recipes which have been mindfully crafted from my journey of wellness from being a sponsored body sculpting competitor, food enthusiast , thyroid queen and busy mum. Here at The Gutsy Athlete we enjoy sharing with you simple and effective strategies for optimising your athletic performance through food. No longer does your relationship with food need to be a punishing one but rather a nourishing one!


I’m Serenity, Lover of lifting heavy and all things food!

I was born and grew up in New Zealand with fond memories of time well spent in nature, for as long as I can remember I have always thrived when being active and felt a sense of calm when being creative, now as an adult I have culminated years spent in the kitchen allowing my creativity to shine.

Having recently competed in a natural bodybuilding competition I have come to realise the lack of gut friendly resources and recipes available which provide macronutrient information for athletes in any sporting arena. THE GUTSY ATHLETE is dedicated to those who wish to utilise their nutrition to live a healthier more active life. We realise the value of gut friendly fuel for the body in order to excel in the sporting arena or to optimise specific body composition goals.



BRinging Sunshine Coast gut health recipes – Fighting Against The Odds

My journey has not always been a nourishing one. I spent years eating highly processed foods with an inner belief that I could “out train” a bad diet. Eventually alarm bells were ringing and I developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an inflammatory autoimmune condition that essentially attacks your thyroid gland causing it to lower its production of thyroid hormones. Fatigue, lethargy, iron deficiency anemia, constipation, bloating, cold intolerance, dry skin and menstrual issues took a huge toll on my life. Fast forward years of self care,  evidence based research, and a strong belief that food is medicine has allowed me to live a healthy vibrant life. Today, from years of hard work I am now driven, dedicated and committed to helping others achieve their goals not only for their athletic performance but their health and wellness goals too.

Now l live for the days well spent in the kitchen and mornings at the gym. I have found that there is an inner confidence that comes with good health that can have powerful effects on your lifestyle and sports performance.

How Life in a Petri Dish Developed The Gutsy Athlete

My beginning started out in medical microbiology where I was involved in testing various specimens for bacteria. Peering down a microscope and smelling petri dishes really appealed to me early on. After a change of heart and wanting to be more involved in helping people I decided to change direction and become a Medical Radiation Technologist, I have spent a large majority of my working life in this field where It soon became apparent as to how much society  have a lack of education and responsibility surrounding exercise and nutrition. A majority of the time I was working  to aid people who had chronic health issues such as  Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and obesity to name a few. This sparked a fire and encouraged my journey to study sports and exercise nutrition. I very quickly realised that I have a passion to educate others to live as vibrant and healthy as possible.

I believe the human body is designed to function as an integrated unit and by utilising simple food strategies and focusing on gut health and macronutrient tracking you are able to optimise training, performance and body composition goals. All the while maintaining general health.