Gut Health Recipes & Blogs For Fitness Enthusiasts

Here you will find Gluten free, Dairy free and Grain free Gut Health Recipes with a gutsy twist which can be incorporated into a flexible dieting approach to help you reach your fitness goals.

Here I break down all the recipes into macros and separate them in categories for Protein, carbs and fat which would have helped me when competing in the NBA Bodybuilding competition and ICN Bodybuilding competition I also offer advise and knowledge gained from bodybuilding and my life in a Petri Dish

What Food Group Do You Want?


I’m Serenity, Lover of lifting heavy and all things food!

I was born and grew up in New Zealand with fond memories of time well spent in nature, for as long as I can remember I have always thrived when being active and felt a sense of calm when being creative, now as an adult I have culminated years spent in the kitchen allowing my creativity to shine.

Having recently competed in a natural bodybuilding competition I have come to realise the lack of gut friendly resources and recipes available which provide macronutrient information for athletes in any sporting arena. THE GUTSY ATHLETE is dedicated to those who wish to utilise their nutrition to live a healthier more active life. We realise the value of gut friendly fuel for the body in order to excel in the sporting arena or to optimise specific body composition goals.



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